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The resources below will support primary teachers to incorporate the 3Rs message into their classroom teaching, spread the word through whole-school campaigns, and keep an Eco Team busy for many happy hours.


Material World

Science and Geography pack for year 5/6 themed around resources use and focusing on plastics and textiles

What about Waste?

Teaching resources for year 3/4 and year 5/6, to develop pupils’ literacy skills and extend their understanding of waste issues.

The Compost Curriculum Handbook

Waste Free Lunch Campaign

Resources to support a class or Eco Team to run a whole-school campaign to reduce packed lunch waste.

Waste Education Programme follow on activities

Resources for teachers to extend pupils’ understanding of the 3Rs, building on input from the Devon Waste Education Programme.

3Rs monitoring activities

Easy-to-use templates to help a class or Eco Team monitor the effectiveness of your school’s reusing and recycling systems.

5 minute filler activity ideas

Ever have spare few minutes in which to occupy your class? Here are some 5 minute filler activity ideas to help you.

Paper making

Instructions for making beautiful hand-made recycled paper.

Snakes and Ladders - 3Rs and composting versions

Updates to the traditional game, perfect for an Eco Team, class or after-school club.


Composting is a fantastic learning resource which can support many curriculum areas.