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Scrapstores - one man's scrap is another man's treasure

Exeter Scrapstore

Running since 1985 the scrapstore accepts unwanted materials from local businesses and organisations and turns them into valuable resources for play, artistic and creative purposes. For the cost of a nominal annual fee and a small charge per basket or bag of scrap you will be able to receive the amazing benefits that the Scrapstore has to offer.

Plymouth Play Association

Is a not for profit membership association which provides a range of services for people of all ages and interests - its not just for the kids! People pay an annual membership fee, and then pay a just a little each time they collect some scrap.

Brixham - Ali-Way Scrapstore

Ali-Way scrap store sells clean recycled materials for craft activities to schools, groups and clubs, child minders, nurseries and individuals and families at very low cost. The items sold come from local business and scrap swaps with other scrap stores. People may choose to become members of the Scrap Store. Containers cost:  £3/£2 (for members) per small container of scrap or £7/£5 (for members) per large container.

Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre

An veritable Aladdin's Cave, full of interesting, locally-sourced scrap materials. It is an invaluable environmental project, sourcing waste things, then giving you the opportunity to turn them into playthings.

Tavistock Community Scrapstore

Membership £5 for individuals/ £10 for groups. A donation of £1 is requested per bag. The scrapstore is full of exciting and interesting items that people can use for art and creativity. There is also a small craft shop for customers to buy various artists equipment. Laminating and photocopying is also available.

Barnstaple - WOW North Devon Scrap Store

The WOW North Devon Scrap Store is currently open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 - 3pm, with FREE parking outside.

WOW is a new project aimed at creating a sustainable future for reusable waste from local businesses in the North Devon area. By collecting from local businesses they aim to reduce the amount of commercial waste going to landfill and provide local people with a range of materials to reuse, recycle and reimagine.

They have a workshop onsite which is used to run creative workshops and is available to rent out for small groups.

Tools for Schools

Tool Shed is a garden tool recycling project which collects old tools for refurbishment by local prisons. The spruced up tools are then given free to schools and community groups.

The scheme is operated by the Conservation Foundation and HM Prisons. Click here to find out more.

B&Q donate store items to Schools

B&Q donates unsaleable products and waste materials for re-use by recognised community groups, e.g. schools, charities, The Scout Association.

They donate items such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, broken tiles for mosaic projects.

For more details and how to apply for items see

General Environmental Education Websites / Resources

Here are some good examples of environmental educational websites and resources:

Recycledevon -  for information on Devon recycling schemes

Recyclenow - advice on putting recycling into practice in schools

Wasteaware - teachers pack of resources, although it has a Hertfordshire bias there are many useable activities

Keep Britain Tidy - downloadable school's learning pack to support Keep Britain Tidy's litter campaign

Recyclemore - curriculum linked activities

BBC interactive recycling and waste iposter - designed for pupils aged 7-11. An excellent, but sadly not free, resource

Eco Schools - work towards a recognised environmental award

The Story of Stuff - really good and simple description of the problem of consumerism

BP educational pages - primary and secondary curriculum linked activities for geography, science, DT and business studies

The Soil Association - activities and resources designed for children from rural areas or who have been to a farm on a trip

National Association for Environmental Education - a 40 year old charity set up to aid teachers, contains articles and publications

The Pod - excellent resources and lesson plans to teach environmental issues

Sparklebox - has some useful shared teaching resources

Symbols on packaging explained

Countryside Classroom - Teaching Resources for the Outdoor Classroom

Mapping our world - interactive Oxfam resource about maps and globes

Recycling posters for schools and bin labels - free to download

Recycling posters for secondary schools - free to download

3Rs poster for primary schools

What does recycling mean to me? - Secondary school - video and lesson plan 1

The consequences of recycling  - Secondary school - video and lesson plan 2

Who else can help to recycle more? - Secondary school - video and lesson plan 3

Primary assembly video - 15 minutes to save the world

Hidden wealth in waste video - General overview of waste, recycling, raw resources, composting, Energy from Waste and landfill sites. This London Council based video is hosted on you tube, lasts 18 minutes and is suitable for upper KS2.

Top tips for sustainability in Schools - 28 page Department for Education Guide

Growing Devon Schools - partnership of Devon organisations (Zoo, gardens, community groups and growers) who support teachers in the development and delivery of the outdoor experiential curriculum

Follow the things - follow everyday objects back to their source and see their affect on other people

Books / E-Books

BBC Active - Has great range of learning materials



Download a pdf of waste and composting books

Energy from Waste

To see an aminated journey of waste through an Energy from Waste plant, choose the older girl 'Susie', then click on the lightbulb.


British Glass facts

RecycleDevon - you tube video about what happens to glass when it has been collected for recycling

Feature 1: The Adventures of Captain Cullet & the Little Gob o’ Glass: A Story of Hope & Recycling - you tube video 15mins for primary children. Sponsored by the glass industry.

Feature 2: Becoming a Glass Super Agent: You Can Make a Difference - you tube video 12 mins for primary children. Sponsored by the glass industry.

Tins and Cans

Think cans activities for KS1 and 2

Think cans activities for KS3

Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association - steel and aluminum themed experiments for KS1 and 2

Steel Appeal - RecycleDevon video: the story of recycling steel (2:55mins)

The story of Aluminium recycling - RecycleDevon video (2:05mins)


Wildlife Watch - plastic fantastic: things to do with plastic

Plastic recycling symbols explained

Virtual tour through a plastic recycling site - use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to navigate

How plastic bottles are made into polyester clothing - you tube video (5:30mins)

The colourful story of plastic recycling - RecycleDevon video (2:52mins)


Devon Community Compost Network - schools page

Composting in School: A practical guide to composting food waste - guide for teachers on composting food waste in schools

Watch worms at work! - Bioturbation

What can go into a home composter game

Simple way to compost leaves and another method

Anaerobic digestion - Carymoor guide to dealing with food waste

Gardening and growing food

Garden Organic - wonderful games, growing activities and construction advice

Budding Gardeners - simple gardening ideas for schools

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) - farming information and where food comes from with lesson plans

Royal Horticultural Society - campaign for schools gardening

Growing with Schools - advice for school based growers

Fruit-full schools - growing soft fruits

Make a greenhouse using plastic bottles


Reducing food waste at home and home composting

Send a Cow - Food miles - KS2 comparison between food eaten in Lesotho, Africa and UK

Love Food, Hate Waste - facts and tips on how to reduce, and use up, your food waste

WRAP resources - Reducing food waste in schools:

Nature Detectives Picnic Pack - tasty treats, plus fun and games for picnics in the woods

Grow your own picnic - sowing, growing and sharing school grown food

Resource Efficient Scotland - Food waste prevention powerpoint

Food waste infographic - hard hitting food waste facts

Food wastage footprint - 3.15mins you tube video

Fruit and veggies activities - wordsearch, crossword, guess the fruit and veg games

Egg code tracker - see how far your eggs have travelled


Living and learning with water - Investigating water activities for pupils and teachers

Animated water conservation game

The Water School website

Climate change and weather

Met office teachers resources

Teaching Climate Change classroom resources for teachers

Oxfam's Climate Chaos - week of KS2 activities

Jim and Tim Go Green - short vimeo animated film about climate change and what we can do to help

Home sweet home animation - Entertaining environmental animation of planet earth being annoyed by human pollution and the resulting climate change chaos, which is then turned around (2 mins on vimeo)


 Earth hour - campaign to switch off our energy usage for one hour

Schools communications

Eco-Schools have teamed up with School Bites who have a digital magazine and newsletter tool for schools.

Circular Economy / Planned Obsolescence

Get Loopy! - Excellent Ellen MacArthur video (12 mins) aimed at KS2 introducing Circular Economy

What is a Circular Economy? - The circular economy demonstarted with Lego. This 3 minute you tube video was made by a school and is a simple introduction to adults and pupils alike. Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Recycling - how does recycling feature in the circular economy? 1minute long video from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy - explores how through a change in perspective we can re-design the way our economy works - designing products that can be 'made to be made again'. 3:50mins video. Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The Story of Stuff - really good and simple description of the problem of consumerism. 21mins you tube video.

Circular Economy - European Commission site and video - for adults

Planned Obsolescence - definition and examples using washing machine and mobile phones

Ellen MacArthur Foundation website for secondary schools

You tube video - Ellen MacArthur introduces the Circular Economy concept - for adults

How we make stuff - Ellen MacArthur website

Inspirational TED talk from Ellen MacArthur talking about her solo around the world sailing and how it made her realise the importance of using resources carefully and responsibly.

WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WRAP - Secondary WEEE resource pack

Paper towels

Dragonfly identification charts and activities

Jellyfish identification guide

Wildlife Watch - childrens nature activities

National Trust - childrens activities; including 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4!