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Teacher Training day a success!

What the participants said:

"A brilliant and useful day. Thank you :)"   "I've had a brilliant day and have learnt a lot. Thanks for the marshmallows"    "Thank you for all of the fab information/links/lesson ideas and delicious food"

Sixteen people sitting in a room at Holsworthy Primary School learning about waste, litter, plastic and composting doesn't sound inspiring but all participants agreed that they had a great time and learnt a lot. Our host - Wild Tribe teacher Amanda Thompson - was inspiring, having created a fantastic outdoor learning space on little or no budget, showing how to reuse everyday objects as learning tools. She teaches the whole school, covering PPA time and takes children outdoors all year round in all weathers. She notices measurable impact in her pupils as they become more confident and more engaged learners.

The morning was full of talks - Lucy Mottram from Devon County Council told us about the resources available to teachers in Devon, with lesson plans and ideas online. Workshops can be booked online, with a number of different ones available (see our online brochure at: http://zone.recycledevon.org/workshops). Alex Mack was able to tell us a little more, as she is one of the Waste Educators who goes into schools. She briefly went through what happens with a Waste Audit. Lucy then told us about the new Litter Pack - coming soon to the website. This contains all the information a school would need to organise a litter pick or beach clean, as well as some lesson plans and Powerpoints. Lucy went on to demonstrate one of the lessons - making bioplastic (a biodegradable alternative to plastic made from potato or cornflour). This seemed very easy to do and could make a good starting point for a science investigation into plastic alternatives. Amanda then gave us a talk on her outdoor learning area and curriculum. This was incredibly inspiring and I think woke a few participants up to the fact that they could do some of the same activities without much difficulty.

​Lunch was also fantastic - homemade soup, fresh bread and lovely vegan cakes and flapjacks. There were many requests for the recipes!

After lunch we went outside; Amanda gave us a guided tour of her site and we heard about her plans for the future. These include Community Allotments and extending her learning areas under a fantastic oak tree. We then had a round robin of activities, covering gardening, composting, outdoor learning (fire starting and marshmallow toasting) and a discussion of how we could take these activities back to our own schools.

All in all it was a great day and I'm glad I had a chance to take part. Roll on next year!

For more information or to receive the Powerpoints and resources listed above email: lucy.mottram@devon.gov.uk