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Devon has one of the most advanced Waste Education Programmes in the country and offers a range of visits and workshops to support schools deliver the 3Rs.

The Waste Education Programme is available for all Devon schools. The building blocks of the programme ensure that schools identify their main sources of waste then work with pupils and staff to develop an action plan to tackle those sources.

Schools can access as little or as much help as needed to help them improve their waste performance. This could include workshops, site visits, staff training or expert one to one composting or recycling advice.

See details of the Waste Education Programme and site visits below. If you have any questions, contact us.


Devon County Council are proud to have one of the most extensive Waste Education Programmes in the country, provided by the experienced education team at Resource Futures. We offer a range of workshops, assemblies, resources, training and visits to support teachers to embed the 3Rs into the curriculum and everyday school life.

The Waste Education Programme is delivered by a highly skilled team and is available to all Devon schools. Involving pupils at all stages, it supports schools to identify their main sources of waste and work with the whole school community to take action to reduce waste. For some schools this might mean introducing or revitalising a recycling system; others will be ready to  move up the ‘waste hierarchy’ and consider the importance of reducing and reusing before recycling. Our team work with each school according to their needs, engaging teachers, pupils, senior managers, catering staff and site managers in the process.

Our popular and lively workshops develop pupils’ understanding of local and global environmental issues, equipping them with the skills they will need as responsible consumers in the future. Exploring a wide range of topical subjects including food waste, Energy from Waste (EfW), and the advantages and disadvantages of packaging, we support a wide range of curriculum areas, including english, maths, science, PSHE, geography and music. Pupils are encouraged to share their learning with their families and friends, ensuring that the impact of the programme is spread beyond the school gates.


A days visit consists of up to three workshops and, if requested, an assembly. The cost of the day (regardless of academy status) is subsidised by Devon County Council and will cost the school £65 + VAT.

Independant / privately funded schools within Devon can still book workshops but their cost will not be subsidised; they will pay £220 + VAT.

Download our primary and secondary Waste Education brochures below.

Contact: If you have any questions, or would like to make a booking, contact us on 07944 791971 or email.

Visits to Exeter Energy from Waste Plant and Newton Abbot Recycling Centre

Experience the sights, smells and sounds of waste!

Since summer 2015, 31% of all the waste we produce in Devon is burnt in one of two new Energy from Waste (EfW) plants (55% is recycled/composted and 14% will still go to a landfill site).

On this all day trip you will have a VIP tour around the Recycling Centre in Newton Abbot and next door bulking facility. Then in the afternoon we will drive to the EfW plant on Marsh Barton, Exeter.

The EfW part of the day relates well to alternative energy sources as well as waste.

The visit is available for year 4 and above pupils only. There is a maximum of 35 pupils and these need to be accompanied by 4 adults. There is no restriction on the number of visits a school can book.

See here for more information about the day.

Quotes from teachers:

Thank you for organising our recycling visit.  The children came back really enthused and engaged, so much so that they carried out a science investigation into rubbish on our field and were full of solutions to reduce litter locally! 

The trip was excellent consolidation of the knowledge of why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle and the questions and activities really made them think. Also, seeing the waste/recycling in person provided them with a real experience that would last longer and have a greater impact than just talking about it.​

Dates for the Autumn Term 2017 are:-

  • Wednesday 20th September
  • Thursday 21st September
  • Wednesday 27th September
  • Wednesday 4th October
  • Thursday 5th October 
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Wednesday 18th October
  • Thursday 19th October
  • Thursday 2nd November

Cost: FREE

Contact: For booking, or more information, please contact Demelza Annison on Demelza.Annison@resourcefutures.co.uk or 07827 932269.

This visit fits well with curriculum work: It is recommended that you do this visit as part of a large topic / scheme of work. To help you with this we have written Devon based teachers resource packs. What about waste? are two literacy packs written for year 3/4 pupils and year 5/6 pupils. They both have 10 lesson plans with supporting documents. There is also the Material World: a Science and Geography pack for year 5/6 themed around resource use and focuses on plastics and textiles.

Visit to Plymouth Energy from Waste Facility & Combined Heat & Power Plant

A full day visit (10am - 2.30pm) is available to the Plymouth Energy from Waste Facility & CHP plant at Devonport.

These visits are free of charge and whilst we recommend a maximum class of 30-35 pupils of Year 3 and above, the visits are available and activities can be adapted for all age groups and smaller or larger numbers.

Dates currently available for Autumn Term 2017 are:-

  • Wednesday 27th September
  • Wednesday 4th October
  • Thursday 5th October 
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • Thursday 12th October
  • Thursday 19th October

For further information, please contact:-

Devon Schools please contact Demelza Annison on Demelza.Annison@resourcefutures.co.uk or 07827 932269.

Plymouth City Schools please contact Jane Ford (Community Liaison Manager) on jane.ford@mvvuk.co.uk or 01752 393156.