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Where can I recycle?

Most households in Devon have some sort of recycling collection so if you have a recycling box, bag or wheeled bin that is not being used, dust it off and ask for a leaflet from your local council or look on their websites so you can join in.

There are lots of other places to recycle too:

At school More and more schools are recycling which means that you may be able to recycle paper, card and possibly other things like food waste, cans or plastic bottles. If you haven’t got recycling yet contact your local council to see what is available for you and check out our ‘How to recycle in your school’ guide.

Compost at home If you have a garden there will usually be somewhere to compost your garden waste. This could be a special compost bin or just a pile. Some of Devon’s Councils have discount schemes on compost bins for their residents. If you want to start composting at school, look at our composting pages, and see how you can incorporate composting into your curriculum.

Recycle on the goMany towns and cities now have recycling bins for cans, plastic bottles or paper, so if you are out and about look for these special bins to recycle your rubbish.

At the shopsSome shops and supermarkets have recycling bins for phones, batteries, printer cartridges, bottles, newspapers, clothes, cans and more.

In your town There are over 300 community groups in Devon who are busy collecting things for recycling.

Recycling CentreThere are 19 recycling centres in Devon which recycle over 80% of the items taken to them.

Charity shopsMost towns have charity shops that put your donated things like clothes, books or music to good use by selling them to make money for their cause. Buying from charity shops means that you can pick up a bargain and also support that charity.