Check out our fantastic new resource for teachers and educators!

We have created a set of activity worksheets and lesson plans to teach young people (from age 5 – 16) about metals, in relation to recycling and resource management. There are four sheets, for KS1, KS2, KS3/4 and Home Learning. The sheets teach why it is so important to recycle and reuse metals. #MetalMatters

Our new activities are part of a series based on the Science of Materials. They contain all the resources you need to teach students the value of our precious materials. All the sheets have an interactive and curriculum linked activity, using everyday materials, with quizzes to assess learning and tips for making it an activity that works at home or at school.

Download our worksheets from our Metals Worksheets page.

Ice Magnets - a fun activity for investigating magnetism with KS1 children

The KS1 activity in action, using magnets and objects in ice cubes to investigate magnetism in a fun way.