Exmouth Community College’s Eco Council visited the waste management facilities in Exeter earlier this week! This passionate and pro-active group made the short journey into Exeter where they kicked off the day with a tour of Pinbrook Recycling Centre. Here, our experienced Waste Educator Sally gave an informative tour about materials that can be brought here and how they are recycled. The students got to see a JCB pushing down and compacting the waste to ensure as much waste as possible fits in the containers before they are sent off on the next part of their recycling journey.

Students then played a fun trading game, with each group assigned a country. The groups had to trade with each other for important resources and tools to make shapes and sell them to the bank to make money for their country! The activity encouraged the students to think about their countries waste and how to dispose of it.

After a spot of lunch, it was time to head to the Energy from Waste (EfW) facility! The students were given a tour and given a sneak peek into the control room where they watched the grabber pick up waste and drop it into the hopper, where it was then pushed into the oscillating kiln. This means that the kiln moves from side to side to rotate the waste, ensuring it’s all burnt. To find out more about the EfW process, click here to watch a video!

We ended the day with a quiz about the EfW and recycling in Devon. Sounds fun right? Click here to find out how your school can book a FREE tour of the waste management facilities in Devon!