Are you a poet and don’t even know it? Can you make up an inspiring and interesting poem about waste or recycling? Or maybe you’re a teacher or parent of someone who can write us a fantastic waste poem!

Entries are now open for our Recycle Devon Waste Poetry Competition. The deadline is the 30th November 2019, so there’s lots of time to write a fabulous entry. We have created resources designed to help inspire you to create a great poem.

There are four age categories: 5-7 years; 8-10 years; 11-15 years and 16-18 years and the prizes include a £50 book voucher and a Recycle Devon goody bag, along with the chance to read your poem out loud for our social media pages!

Judging by our panel of experts will be in January, while prizes will be awarded in March, at our Recycle Devon Thank You awards.

Don’t forget to read our Terms and Conditions before submitting your poem in one of three ways: by email to; by post to our Waste Education Officer at County Hall or by putting your poem in one of our bins at a participating Library across Devon.

We look forward to reading all your poems!