From the 28th of March to the 5th of June, we are celebrating National Children’s Gardening Week! A week dedicated to growing children’s passion for nature. Sowing the seeds of enthusiasm and watching their skills flourish.

To help you teach children at home or at school about gardening, we have put together some of our activity ideas you can do between May and June, including some from Recycle Devon’s very own ‘Compost Curriculum‘.

Upcycling in the Garden

It’s becoming so important to make the most out of the things we buy, to make sure we aren’t wasting our resources or money.

That’s why we have put together some tips on how to reuse materials, such as plastics and cardboard, in your garden to both reduce your waste and save you money!

Bir sat on a bird feeder hanging from a tree made from an old plastic bottle

Or why not be even more ambitious by making a plastic bottle greenhouse!

Take a look at this video to see what one school in London did with all of their plastic bottle waste.

Plat pots made from the bottom of two plastic bottles and decorated with paint


Composting can be a fantastic learning resource which can support  many curriculum areas, from minibeasts to global warming, and provide hands-on learning for all ages.

If you are looking to start composting, or for activities you can do with your compost bin then look no further.

Image of waste educator holding an image of a tardigrade during an outdoor minibeasts activity behind her is a board with images of a snail, a banana and other minibeasts

Find out how you can set up composting here.

Curriculum activities to do in May and June:

 Rotter spotters and Compost organism identification

 Compost documentary photography

 Compost time-lapse

 Compost survey and Compost sorting game 

Free workshops can you book from March to October:

If you are a school in Devon, you can get access to a free printed version of ‘The Compost Curriculum’ just get in contact with us.

Image of a child in a pink coat with a magnifying glass and a spoon looking for minibeasts in the soil on the spoon, outdoors

More ideas for National Children’s Gardening Week

To find out more about National Children’s Gardening Week and other activities you can do, visit the National Children’s Gardening Week website for competitions, resources, and activities for schools.