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Environment Agency Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

The Plastics Unit of the Environment Agency have created a new set of resources to teach children about plastic pollution in the environment. They are available exclusively to download here.

Their motto is "Together we can make plastic pollution a thing of the past" and they are working closely with all types of organisations to do this. The team has worked closely with the fishing industry to help reduce plastic pollution from fishing nets and lines. They are also investigating how agriculture can use less throw away plastic.

Did you see them at the Devon County Show this year? They shared a space with Recycle Devon and demonstrated how to make edible water pods, like were recently used at the London Marathon. Made using agar jelly (made from seaweed), water and calcium lactate they provide a plastic free alternative to plastic water bottles. We found instructions online here: https://www.iflscience.com/chemistry/how-make-edible-water-bottles/