Today we are celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science by highlighting the great work of women in every part of the resource and waste management industry.

Working in waste is not just about emptying people’s bins. There are many different types of job available in this important industry and science plays a vital role, from environmental monitoring of waste management sites, to understanding the science of different materials for recycling.

With growing concern about climate change and finite resources, the waste industry is rapidly transforming from a waste industry to a resource management industry.  New and exciting opportunities are developing all of the time, such as understanding and applying behavioural science to improve participation in reuse and recycling schemes.

Women are working in every sector of waste management in Devon and many of them are scientists, engineers, teachers and researchers applying science to their every day jobs.

Women of Waste (WOW) is a Task Force created by women to advocate and spotlight women’s work and achievements in the solid waste management sector. You can find out more about their work on their website.

You can also find out about a wide variety of jobs in resource and waste management on our careers pages

Find out more about International Day of Women and Girls in Science day 

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