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Below is a list of grants that you may want to apply for to fund your projects.

Awards for All - Big Lottery Fund

Awards for All offers grants of between £300-£10,000 for projects that benefit the community.

B&Q Community Re-use Scheme

The B&Q Commuity Re-use Scheme donates unsellable products and materials (slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, broken tiles etc.) for re-use by local schools.

Co-op Local Community Fund

Co-op's Local Community Fund allows members get 1% of everything they spend on Co-op products to give to a local cause that matters to them. Your school can apply to be one of these causes for the next round of funding, running from March to September 2017. Grants considered are up to £2,500.

Debbie and Andrew's Community Micro Sponsorships

debbie&andrew’s community micro sponsorships are aimed at local or grass root fund raisers for whom even a small injection of cash could make a significant difference. Awards can range from £50 to £1000 in cash and could be used towards buying school equipment.

Esmee Fairburn Foundation

Esmee Fairburn Foundation supports organisations on different themes. One of which is 'Connecting people with Nature'. Grants can range from £5,000 to £1.5m and can cover projects or core costs, including staff salaries and overheads.

Funding from Devon County Councillors

Each of the 62 Devon County Councillors has a locality budget fund of £10,000. They can, if they wish, make grants to support projects or activities that benefit the communities they represent - this includes schools. If you are interested in accessing this fund, then contact your County Councillor directly.

Greggs Foundation Environmental Grant

The Environmental Grants programme aims to improve people’s lives by improving the environment. An example of one of the community initiatives they will fund is ‘a growing project in a local primary school.’ The maximum amount they will award is £2,000.

Learning through Landscapes - Local School Nature Grants Programme

The Learning through Landsapes grants provide an assortment of nature equipment up to the value of £500 and a two hour training session. The packages are customisable, enabling schools to choose from a menu of items which best suit their learners and their setting.

The Naturesave Trust

The Naturesave Trust are a Totnes based insurance company who give small grants to environmental projects. Previously funded schemes include beehives, pond lining, solar panels and compost bins; amounts range from £200 to £1500.

The Southern Co-operative Love Your Neighbourhood Fund

The Southern Co-operative Love Your Neighbourhood Fund offers grants from £50 to £1,000, to help projects get started or to purchase equipment.

Tesco Bags of Help Grant

The Bags of Help grant is a rolling grant scheme funded by Tesco customers through the carrier bag charge. It support projects that deliver a physical environmental improvement or encourage use and long term sustainability of outdoor spaces e.g. school grounds.

WHSmith Trust Community Grants

The WHSmith Trust Community Grants makes donations to hundreds of schools across the UK and funds large scale literacy projects. Any grants should be therefore be used to promote literacy and a love of reading.

Fundraising Ideas

Recycle CDs Devon Recycle Phones Devon Recycle clothes Devon

Below are some great ways to reduce waste whilst fundraising for the school.

There is potential to link these events to the curriculum by getting the kids involved in planning and organising them.

Table Top Sales

You can promote Table top sales as a fantastic opportunity to clear out the house!

  • Encourage parents to donate their bric-a-brac and outgrown clothes.
  • Allow time for volunteers to sort donations into categories ready for the sale day.
  • On the day make sure all items can be seen clearly with price tags on show.

Give and Take

Similar to table top sales, but without the price tags. Not everyone has to give in order to take!

  • Organise for the donations "Drop-off" to start before the event officially opens and to end 1 hour before the event finishes.
  • Categorise donations as they arrive, in the same way you would for a table top sale. (See the 'Give and Take Category Labels' download).
  • Consider asking for £1 entry or donations on the door.
  • 2 hours is usually long enough for the "taking" part of the event.
  • Ask some of your volunteers to run a coffee and cake stand alongside to increase the amount raised.

Uniform Swap

School uniform is often quickly outgrown, this can lead to uniform that is in good condition being thrown away.

Perhaps running a Give and Take especially for uniforms could help reduce the amount of uniform going to waste! Or emphasise its presence at your Give and Take day by having a clothing rail dedicated to just uniform!

Textile Recycling

Did you know there are multiple companies set up that will pay for your unwanted textiles?

Textiles can include clothes, curtains, bedding, shoes, bags, and soft toys. Companies will pay a set price per kilogram of textiles collected, however, it is often worth shopping around to find the best price. Perhaps if you have some clothes lying around after your Table top sale/Give and Take/Uniform Swap, you could organise to get them recycled and earn those extra £££'s.

Here are a some links to companies you could arrange to do your textile recycling with:

Bag 2 School   Rags 2 Riches 4 Schools   Eco Kids Project    Salvation army Clothes Recycling

Each company will work in a slightly different way, but as an example if you were to choose Bag 2 School, here is how it works:

  • You promote your collection through posters and letters home.
  • Bag 2 School provides clothing bags for children to take home.
  • You arrange a collection day with Bag 2 School and get all clothes bags to be brought in on that day to avoid storage problems.
  • The driver will weigh and load the bags.
  • You will recieve your payment within the week!

Other easy ways to raise funds

Ink Cartridge and Mobile Phone Recycling. 

Instead of throwing away used ink cartridges, why not sign up to have them recycled? Companies such as Empties Please have school recycling schemes already set up! 

With new phones coming out every year there is an increasing need for phone recycling. Forgotten Mobile is a company that works alongside schools providing phone recycling, they also recycle CDs/DVDs, jewellery and foreign currency! Every phone/CD and DVD has a value, so get collecting now!


Don't forget to promote your event, this will make a massive difference to the amount you raise.

Parents need plenty of time to plan clearing out the house and organise getting the stuff they have found into school.

Send letters home, use posters around the school, get the kids excited and talking about it!

Perhaps encourage the children by awarding the class who bring in the most donations a non-school uniform day.


Disclaimer: There are many companies that can provide these services, those mentioned above are a good starting point. Devon County Council does not accept any responsibility for the service provided.