Earn a Recycle Devon Scout Badge!

We have created an exciting opportunity for all Devon Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to earn themselves a Recycle Devon Badge to sew on their uniforms.

This badge is available from the Recycle Devon team. Email lucy.mottram@devon.gov.uk with the Order Form below to obtain a set for your group.

NOTE: Most of the activities can be done at home with adult supervision, so this badge is still available while the pandemic still stops groups meeting in person. Contact Lucy on the email above for more details.

Look out for the badge especially for Devon Guides, Brownies and Rainbows coming in Winter 2020.

Leaders Pack

Resources and information to help your group gain their official Recycle Devon Scout Badges.

Scout badge resources.pdf

Scout Badge Order Form

Use this form to apply for your Recycle Devon Scout Badges.

Order Form for Recycle Devon Scout Badges

Download Leader’s Resources above. The Pack also contains links to other badges so Leaders can plan other activities that help protect the environment.

Beavers must complete six of twelve tasks including:

  • Learn the 3 Rs actions and teach them to someone else.
  • Explain to a Leader what Reduce means and talk about a way you could do this.
  • Make something useful out of junk.
  • Help your parents to recycle at home for one week.

Cubs must complete 12 of 20 tasks and challenges such as:

  • Take part in a Litter Pick or Beach Clean with your Cub Pack, school or another community group.
  • Find out about Energy from Waste plants in Devon.
  • Record how much waste you produce in a week and think of ways you could reduce it.
  • Show your Leaders that you know what can and can’t be recycled in your local area – check your local District facilities and see our factsheets here: http://zone.recycledevon.org/practical-information.
  • Set up a wormery or compost heap. This could be at home or with your Cub group.

Scouts have to complete 20 of 27 challenges including:

  • Take part in a Community or School Action Day to raise awareness of plastic in the environment.
  • Find an area in your local environment that needs clearing up and do a litter pick. Record before and after photos and share them with the Recycle Devon team on Facebook or Twitter (tag in @recycledevon).
  • Find out about Repair Cafés and repair businesses in your area. Go to one and take along an item to be mended.
  • Find out about people who repair things (it could be sewing, bikes or computers) in your local area. You could invite someone to talk about what they do.
  • Learn how to mend something – this could be anything – from darning a hole in a jumper or sock to fixing a broken screen on a mobile phone.

We would love to see any photos of your groups working towards their badges, so please tweet or tag us in on Facebook (@recycledevon) if they are available publicly.