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While learning about the 3Rs is important, it is essential that pupils have opportunities to put their learning into practice by actively reducing, reusing and recycling on a day-to-day basis at school. The resources below will help schools embed the 3Rs into all aspects of school life.

Devon schools spend approximately £300,000 a year on managing their waste. Setting up efficient whole-school 3Rs systems has the potential to support pupils’ learning while saving the school money.

Recycling collection services are offered by most local authorities. Some charge for this service, but this is usually lower than the cost of collecting waste as ‘rubbish’. Many waste collection companies also offer recycling services, so if your school does not yet have a recycling collection ask your local council and / or current waste collection provider to find out what they offer.

3Rs 'How to' guides
Whether you are a school bursar wanting to save money, or a teacher keen to embed sustainability in the day-to-day life of your school, these best-practice guides are packed with simple ways to implement the 3Rs in your school. These documents are written for school staff, although older students may also find them useful.
District Council household rubbish and recycling collection guides

These are quick reference guides showing 'what goes where' in your local council household waste collections.

They can be used in class or sent home for further discussions, but remember it is more important to Reduce and Reuse your waste first!


WARPit is an online exchange facility for Devons schools. If you have, or need: stationary, school furniture, electronic equipment, sports equipment etc, please look on WARPit before you dispose of, or purchase, new items.

It's a bit like ebay, but no money changes hands.

Saves you money: You can claim items from other schools and organisations (saving purchasing costs) and advertise items that you on longer require (saving disposal costs).

Visit www.warp-it.co.uk/devoncc to register (it's free for Devon Schools!). You will then receive a confirmation email giving you further instructions on how to use the system.

WARPit is very easy to use. This youtube video guides you through the process.

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