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Currently (Sept 2017) households in Devon throw away 360,000 tonnes of waste every year – this includes ‘rubbish’, composting and recycling. Of this 55.7% is recycled, which is great news, until you realise that 159,480 tonnes of rubbish still needs to be disposed of - that’s the equivalent of 26,580 African Elephants!

Until recently all of this waste went to landfill sites across Devon. However, since spring 2015 Devon has been sending some of its waste to new Energy from Waste plants in Exeter and Plymouth.

In the pie charts below you can see how EfW has reduced the amount of our rubbish going to landfill.



Litter is waste that has not ended up in recycling, Energy from Waste or landfill streams. It has been disposed of in a way that can pollute the environment. Find out more on our litter pages here.