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What is Energy from Waste (EfW)?

From Janurary 2019, none of Devon's black bin bag waste goes to landfill. If it cannot be recycled or composted it goes to a Energy from Waste plant (also known as an Energy Recovery Facility) 

Creating energy from waste is the process of generating electricity through treating waste. In Devon there are 2 EfW facilities that burn residual waste at high temperatures, which creates steam to power turbines and create electricty. You might also hear this being called incineration. At our Plymouth plant some of the heat energy generated from burning the waste is also used to heat the Royal Navy Dockyard at Devonport.


If you are interested in organising a visit to one of our EfW plants click here.

Energy From Waste DevonDownload this pdf to find out more about the process of incinerating waste to make energy in an EfW facility and answers to some frequently asked questions.