Egg drop challenge: We’ll be publishing an activity each week of the summer holidays.

For this week’s Summer Activity challenge, we’re challenging you to complete the #EggDropChallenge! Grab a hard-boiled egg, some things from around the house and have a go!  

To complete the egg drop challenge:

  1. You’ll need a hard boiled egg. Hard boiling the egg means that if your egg does crack, it won’t smash and make a mess! This also reduces food waste and you can peel and eat them afterwards for a tasty snack!
  2. Use recyclable items to create a contraption to protect your egg when it’s dropped. Try to think of materials that will help protect your egg from a fall! Use any items or materials you have at home. Some things you could use are:
  • Plastic tubs, yogurt pots
  • Cardboard boxes, card, cardboard tubes
  • Shredded paper
  • String
  1. Drop your egg! A height of around 6ft is enough to test if your egg will crack, but you can drop it from as high or as low as you like. Be sure to get an adult to help you with heights and stay safe.
  2. Inspect the egg – did it survive the drop, or did the shell crack? Reflect on your experiment and think about reasons why your egg did or didn’t crack. Was it well protected? What would you do differently next time?

When you have finished your experiments, remember to disassemble your creations and remove any Sellotape or sticky stuff before putting them into your recycling container.

The following videos give a great introduction to the egg drop challenge and materials you can use in your experiment!