Fast Fashion Facts

Use these resources to change your attitude towards fast fashion at school or home to ensure the way you buy, use and discard clothes is as sustainable as possible.

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Fast Fashion Quiz

What do you know about Clothes, Textiles and Fast Fashion?

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Which plant can't be used to make fabric?

Cotton in a field

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What percentage of the World's carbon emissions come from the textiles and clothing industry?

Picture of chimneys with yellow coloured smoke emerging

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How much water does it take to grow enough cotton for a t-shirt?

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How many tonnes of clothes are wasted globally on average each year?

View of a big yellow machine called a compactor on a landfill site in Plymouth

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What is the most sustainable fabric?

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Spot the odd one out! Which statement is false?

Pile of folded Clothes

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The carbon footprint of all the clothes bought in the UK in 2019 was the same as flying a plane around the world how many times?

Image of a plane in the sky over clouds

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How many miles would you need to drive in a car to release the same amount of carbon as one new t-shirt?

Hand out of a car window on a country road

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How can you reduce your impact on the Earth? (Select all correct answers)

Rails of clothes separated into different women's sizes at a clothes swish at Marpool Primary School

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