How to Reduce Card at Home

Packaging – Be more aware of the things you buy, often our items bought online come wrapped in plastic or cardboard. Consider buying in bulk to reduce packing and also save money overall. Find more tips to reduce packaging here. Toilet roll holder

Hardback books – To reduce your waste why not donate old books, or when buying a new book considered electronic or audio books.

Cereal or food boxes – To reduce cereal box and plastic waste you could buy products in larger packaging, or in bulk from zero or low waste shops.

Toilet roll holder – To reduce toilet roll use, try buying thicker toilet paper and reduce the amount used each time. Check out some more quirky toilet roll tips here.

Period products – If you are thinking about the waste produced by period products, including cardboard applicators, why not find out about reusable period pads or pants, menstrual cups and reusable applicators.

How to Reduce Card at School

Why not teach your class about reducing waste and find out where most of the cardboard waste in your school comes from. 

Packaging – Examples of cardboard packaging at school include stationary and supplies boxes, and food packaging. To reduce these buy products in bulk and only buy things when absolutely necessary. Could you buy things in person from a local shop?Hands picking up puzzle pieces

Textbooks and story books – Try to keep textbooks in good condition in order to reuse them in years to come. You could also borrow, swap or donate story books. Find out more about reducing waste from books here. 

Puzzles – Why not borrow, swap or donate puzzles. If you have a broken puzzle you can always look at this method on how to repair your puzzle.

Paper towel holder –  Similar to toilet roll, we often use more paper towels than we really need. Why not show your class this video on how to use just one paper towel.