How to Reuse Small Electrical Appliances

Maintenance and Repair

If they’ve got a fault that may be mended, take them to a Repair Café. Volunteer menders (often experts!) will attempt to fix anything from laptops to vacuum cleaners for a small donation.  This saves these items from going to waste and saves you money.

Find your nearest Repair Café here. 

You can also take items to your local electrical repair shop for more specialist repairs such as phone screens.

If the items are not broken and in good working condition, charity shops may accept them. Also, some furniture charities accept household goods to give to those in need.


Cleaning is an important part of ensuring appliances have a longer life. Here are some guides on how to clean your kettle, how to clean your toaster, how to clean a microwave, how to clean an iron. 

Find out more ways to give your old electricals a second life on our more ways to reuse page.

Children making or fixing an electronic device