How to Reduce Paper Waste at Home

It’s a good idea to look in your recycling bin and work out what kinds of paper you use at home.

Paper printing – if you have a printer at home are your printer settings set to print on both sides? Are you printing things out when you don’t need to?

Magazines – many people are now reading their magazines online. Could you do the same?

Newspapers – do you still buy a paper copy of a newspaper? Could you read it online instead?

Junk mail – is the only mail you get junk mail? If you’re fed up with the only mail you get being junk mail then you can stop it with our Junk Mail service. Read more here: Junk Mail getting you down? – Recycle Devon

How to Reduce Paper Waste at School

Laminating makes paper non-recyclable by adding a layer of plastic. Ask yourself if you need to laminate all your wall displays, or would paper do?

It might be a good idea to rethink the school’s paper use – many schools will be doing this already, as saving resources usually saves money! Audit the paper you use and how much you buy and print each week. Are there ways to reduce the paper use in school?

  • Can newsletters be sent out by email rather than printed out?
  • Are you printing out worksheets then sticking them in books? Is there another way to do this?
  • Are exercise books used in the same way across the school? Could subject books carry over between year-groups?