How to Reuse Plastic at Home

Find creative new ways to upcycle specific plastics by searching online or on Pinterest, for example here are 35 creative ways to reuse empty shampoo bottles.

Learn more about how to reduce and recycle plastics.

How to Reuse Plastic at School

  • Make a hanging garden out of plastic bottles
  • Use old yogurt containers to start seedlings such as cress
  • Convert milk jugs into shelf organizers
  • Turn old plastic bottles into a greenhouse!
  • Use old bottles as maracas by filling them with dry rice or beans
  • Turn plastic milk cartons into storage for pens and pencils
  • Turn old bottles into pencil cases (with or without a zip)
  • Make art out of plastics collected on beach cleans and litter picks!

Most importantly, get creative! Let us know what ideas you come up with.