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Science of Materials : KS1 Metals Quiz

Have you just completed our KS1 science activity worksheet about materials and magnets? This is a quick quiz to test your knowledge!

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What materials stick to a magnet? (Select all correct answers)

Horseshoe shaped magnet with north in red and south in blue

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Name some other properties of metals

Pile of gold bars

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Where do we get metals from?

The Blue Marble picture is the iconic image of the Earth floating in space taken by astronauts on the Apollo 17 mission to Mars. It remains the best image of Earth taken from space.

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Are metals a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Image of energy sources

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Which kind of your recycling would stick to a magnet?

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When the ice melted in your experiment did the magnet attract different things?

Image of ice cube tray and ice magnets

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Name an object that you would never make out of metal.

Pair of gold rings

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Choose the reasons why we should recycle.

Recycling Centre street sign

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