Are you a budding poet? Can you write an amazing, imaginative poem about waste?

Our Waste Education Team are running a poetry competition for young people in Autumn 2019. You can enter if you are a child aged between 5 and 18 and living in Devon (not Torbay or Plymouth). Poems should be about rubbish or waste, including plastic pollution, or subjects such as reducing waste, composting, reusing or recycling.

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The competition will be open for entries from mid-September up to the closing date of 30th November. There will be four categories (KS1, KS2, KS3/4 & 16-18). Poems can be submitted either by post to the Waste Education Officer at Devon County Council (see the competition rules for the exact address), emailed to or put into the collection bin at one of the participating Devon libraries.

Shortlisted poets (runners up and winners) will be invited to the Recycle Devon Thank You Awards in March 2020 where the overall winner of each category will be announced. The winners will receive a book token for £50 and the opportunity to record their poem for publication on social media, while runners-up will get a £25 book token. All shortlisted poets will also get a reusable Recycle Devon goody bag.