How to Reduce Electrical Equipment Waste at Home

Here are 10 tips for reducing your electronic and electrical waste:

Ebay and Gumtree are great places to get rid of old electrical equipment that you don’t need any more, whether you have an old CD player that you don’t use or an appliance that you are upgrading. There’s usually someone in the market for it, even if you think it’s worthless!

It is a great feeling to donate old equipment to people who need it, whether it’s the local football club who need to furnish a clubhouse kitchen, or a friend whose oven has packed up.

All shops must now provide a way for customers to dispose of old household electricals when they sell you a new version of the old equipment. Many manufacturers are also taking equipment back in Takeback schemes. Apple devices, for example, can be traded in for an Apple Store Gift Card.

Keeping electronics and electrical equipment well-maintained can save you thousands of pounds over the years. Keep stuff clean and follow manufacturer’s advice.

Think twice before upgrading or buying a new piece of electrical equipment. Always ask yourself if it’s a Need or a Want. Don’t buy unless you NEED something new!

Slow cookers and pressure cookers are both ways that you can save energy when you cook. So is batch cooking and using the warmth of an oven that’s already on to cook something else.

Consider the Energy Star Rating of products before you buy. This also saves money!

YouTube is your friend! Has the clock broken on your oven or your washing machine is squeaking? Learn basic repairs from videos online. Manufacturers are beginning to implement the Right to Repair which will make it easier to buy spare parts too. Fight against the in-built obsolescence of modern appliances!

Instead of buying a pressure washer or carpet cleaner rent one from a Library of Things, or see if a friend has one you can borrow. Some communities have created brilliant sharing networks, so investigate where your nearest one is.

Try spreading the word among friends and family, or volunteer as a Repairer at your local Repair Cafe. there are lots of ways to pass on the message that e-waste should be a thing of the past!

How to Reduce Electrical Equipment Waste at School

All the same ideas as for households apply to schools! Borrow, mend, don’t buy unless needed, share equipment between schools, donate old stuff to local people or charities. Bring about a mend and reuse culture by regular involvement of studnets and their families in drives and initiatives to reduce waste and energy, like Earth Days, energy efficiency talks and our interactive workshops for schools.