How to Reduce Furniture Waste at Home

picture of an old fashioned chair and side tableYou don’t have to buy new furniture all the time!

How to Reduce Furniture Waste at School

Sharing between schools

If your school is in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with lots of other school you might be able to share old furniture between schools and find a place for it. Some schools might have an associated building where old furniture can be kept, or the Drama department of secondary schools might keep old furniture for plays or school productions. Ask around and find out before buying new furniture.

Ask the parents

Instead of getting rid of old furniture or buying new furniture ask parents if they can provide any. In a school of 400 pupils it is likely that someone will be moving house and either need to get rid of or buy new furniture.

Mend before you buy new stuff!

Schools can use Repair Cafes too. Your local one will be glad to help out – all for a donation and you get to eat cake and drink coffee too!