Refill Schools is part of the Refill Devon initiative. This scheme allows businesses in Devon to sign up to become Refill stations, where members of the public can refill their reusable water bottles with tap water, instead of buying water in a new plastic bottle.

​This innovative project seems to have caught the public’s imagination and is riding high on the wave of ocean plastic highlighted in David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. More Refill Stations are popping up everywhere there is a tap!

How does the Refill scheme work?

Refill-Devon-stickerParticipating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses display a round, blue sticker in their window, inviting thirsty passers-by to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free.

The aim is to reduce the amount of plastic bottles ending up in our oceans, whilst keeping you healthy, hydrated and saving you money at the same time!

Get involved

We hope you’re feeling inspired by the Refill movement and, if so, there are plenty of ways you can get involved:

Where can I refill?

You can search the map to find your nearest Refill station in Devon and beyond, or get the Refill app

​Schools can join in too.

Apply now for a Refill Schools pack, containing posters and a window sticker to show your support for this fantastic project aiming to reduce plastic waste in Devon.

There are three ways that a school can be part of this initiative. The first shows that the school encourages children to refill their reusable water bottles within school, the second promotes the school as a Refill Station for the public to be able to refill their water bottles (for example, if the school has a reception area that the public can enter) and the third is about children acting as ambassadors in their own community by encouraging the local community and businesses to become Refill Stations and teaching them how to register using the Refill app.​

​Georgeham Primary

Georgeham primary school, in North Devon, were the first in Devon to sign up to become a refill school!

Stage 1: Pupils are able to refill their reusable water bottles from the tap or a water fountain

Many schools ask children to bring water bottles from home each day for their use in the classroom, at break and lunchtimes. Show that you are saving plastic by signing up your school to be Refill School. Contact Lucy Mottram at Devon County Council on or 01392 383519 for a poster to display around your school.

Stage 2: Fill up water bottles from the public

If you consider your school in a position to do so then you can sign up your school on the Refill website or app. See the Refill Devon website.

This would only be possible in schools which have a Reception area where the public could hand over a water bottle to a member of staff and allow it to be taken inside the school to be filled up. This is completely at the school’s discretion and needs to be decided by the Headteacher and/or Governing Body as it may have Safeguarding implications for some schools.

Stage 3: Get pupils to canvas in their local area for Refill Devon

Encourage pupils out into their local communities to take positive action and encourage local businesses to sign up for Refill Devon.