How to Reuse Electrical Equipment at Home

There are 20 Reapir Cafes in Devon. All of them mend electricals.

There are four main ways to reuse:

  1. Repair broken equipment – do-it-yourself or ask an expert. Find your nearest Repair Cafe!
  2. Sell old equipment – the internet is an amazing way to do this, but Jumble Trails and Car Boot Sales are other ways of making money out of old stuff.
  3. Donate old equipment – look out for places to give away old stuff to. Is there a charity that could benefit from your old item?
  4. Borrow from a Library of Things or from friends

How to Reuse Electrical Equipment School

All the same ideas as for households apply to schools! Borrow, mend, don’t buy unless needed, share equipment between schools, donate old stuff to local people or charities. Bring about a mend and reuse culture by regular involvement of students and their families in initiatives to reduce waste and energy, like Earth Days, energy efficiency talks and our interactive workshops for schools.