Officers from County Councils and Unitary Authorities around the UK are out in all weathers making sure that waste management sites like old landfill sites are safe and not leaking pollution into the environment. Samples are taken of gases and leachate to make sure levels of compounds which could be harmful are within safe limits, while local water sources like streams and rivers are sampled to make sure nothing is leaking from the closed tips.

If any pollution is found advice is given to the managers of the sites about what needs to be done and any work done is also monitored to make sure it is being done properly and within health and safety guidelines.

Job skills required:

  • An ability to resolve disputes and solve problems  – staff may be at the frontline in the fight against pollution.
  • An ability to work as part of a team – good teamwork is needed to get the job done.
  • Knowledge of the rules and regulations around waste – many of these positions require a degreeso University training may be needed.
  • Knowledge of specific monitoring tests – on-the-job training will usually help employees learn the correct way to do certain types of monitoring
  • Knowledge and use of health and safety instructions – staff are likely to be working in remote locations so must follow guidelines in order to stay safe at work.
An Inspector using monitoring equipment to measure gas from a redundant landfill site