Waste Educators

We are lucky in Devon to have lots of great Waste Educators, who can come into your school and teach you about waste, or you can visit a waste management facility (recycling centre or EfW) and be taught about the 3Rs there.

Job skills required:

  • An ability to work as part of a team – good teamwork is needed to get the job done.
  • Knowledge of the waste industry and the 3Rs – you can’t teach what you don’t know.
  • An ability to follow rules – health and safety is really important in this job. You need to know how to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Enthusiasm about the 3Rs – A great teacher is enthusiastic about their subject encouraging students to share the same passion for their subject that they do.
  • An ability to teach – you’ll need to have skills in instructing students, developing your own style of teaching and be able to explain and demonstrate concepts and ideas clearly using memorable examples or props.
  • Good communication skills – educators must have really good communication skills to enable them to interact with people of all ages. They should be able to deliver information effectively and understand the different points of view, and encourage questioning and enquiry amongst their students.
  • Adaptability – you never know what will happen in the classroom or waste management facility each day and you will need to handle each circumstance appropriately and come up with quick solutions.
  • Good interpersonal skills – successful teachers have strong people skills. A kind teacher who has an engaging personality creates engaged and enthusiastic students.
  • Patience – this is a key quality when working with children and teenagers.

See more roles on Careers Advice – Zone (recycledevon.org).

Young people listening to Waste Educator Sally Jackson explain recycling and 3Rs on a school trip
Back of Waste Educator standing in front of a group of children sat on chairs with hands in the air
Waste Educator Lucy in front of a smartboard teaching about the circular economy in a GCSE class with backs of students heads