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A picture for Archaeology Day. they are illustrations from our history of waste timeline. Three cartoon characters, a Viking solider, a Roman soldier and William Shakespeare

Archaeology Day

Archaeology Day is today and celebrates what Archaeology has given to the world.

Title: The Big Recycling Hunt Background: Blue with kitchen and bathroom products at the side of the title. Encouraging you to join the big recycling hunt.

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Young girl running away from us holding a windmill in a summery field of sunflowers. Part of the sustainability bulletin.

September 2023 Sustainability Bulletin

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Exeter Climate Exhibition: Exoplanets and Climate

a guide to life outside the solar system…

Bonster the monster eating food waste on his alien planet.

Bonster the Hungry Monster

A story to help better children’s awareness of food waste

Image of the word careers in a blue background. An arrow is jumping on the word blocks.

Careers #Green Skills for Youth

An insight into careers in waste management

Back to school title picture with a background of stationary equipment

Back to School: 5 tips to reduce waste!

Back to school: Being green is cheap, as well as clean

Sustainability Bulletin title picture of a little girl in a long dress bathed in summer sunshine standing with her back towards us in a field

June 2023 Sustainability Bulletin

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Four young girls in high-vis vests smiling at the camera, while hugging each other.

Children of Withycombe Raleigh clean up Exmouth!

On the 12th of June 2023, 90 pupils from Withycombe Raleigh primary school made their way to Exmouth beach to learn about waste in our oceans. Workshops were organised by Resource Futures and Devon County Council Waste Educators. The day included 3 workshops on: litter picking, sustainable fishing and news reporting. 

Litter picking workshop

Led by Sally from Resource Futures, they picked up 4 bags full of rubbish!

A large group of children in high-vis vests, smile for the camera. Alongside Sally, teacher Sam and a a parent.

Litter pickers at Exmouth Beach

Sustainable fishing workshop

Alex, from Resource Futures, created awareness about overfishing and sustainable fishing methods.

Alex points to the right while an audience of children look right, as they focus on her presentation. While at Exmouth beach

Presentation on sustainable fishing

Alex ‘Withycombe Raleigh school were very engaged. They learnt a lot with many take-home messages. It was a real privilege to teach them’

The sustainable fishing game was all the rage!

A focused young boy uses a fishing net to scoop out cardboard fishes. another smiley boy next to him uses a rope and stick to get fake fishes. This is played on Exmouth beach sands.

The sustainable fishing game

News report workshop

Hannah, from Resource Futures, gave insights into how much plastic goes into our oceans. Information the children used to create their own breaking news report on the dangers of plastic in our seas.

Hannah shows an image to focused children, in the backdrop of Exmouth Beach.

Presentation of the news workshop

Our participants

Father and son at litter picking.

A dad and his son smile for the camera while litter picking at Exmouth beach.

Farther and son bonding time.

Parent: ‘my favourite was the news report workshop, quite shocking to hear how much plastic is wasted in our seas. A lorry’s worth every minute’

His son: ‘my favourite activity was the litter picking as it felt good to stop plastic from harming the animals’

Teacher Sam getting involved in the sustainable fishing game.

Sam is waving a scarf as he pretends to be storm, on Exmouth beach. This is in front of teachers and children who are all playing the fishing game.

Sam getting involved in the sustainable fishing game

Sam: ‘I was very surprised how much rubbish they found. Today made a real difference’

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