Smiling boy and girl shoveling compost in a school garden

World Soil Day – 5th December

Learn how to compost at school with our composting teaching resources and activities.

Teaching putting a badge on a child to reward them for their environmental efforts. It is the main picture for the Universal Children's Day post. This is a stock photo.

Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day is approaching, a special day recognized by the United Nations.

November 2023 Sustainability Bulletin

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New School Uniform initiative at Devon’s Recycling Centres!

Find out where to get free school uniform…

A picture for Archaeology Day. they are illustrations from our history of waste timeline. Three cartoon characters, a Viking solider, a Roman soldier and William Shakespeare

Archaeology Day

Archaeology Day is today and celebrates what Archaeology has given to the world.

Title: The Big Recycling Hunt Background: Blue with kitchen and bathroom products at the side of the title. Encouraging you to join the big recycling hunt.

Join the Big Recycling Hunt!

Find out how your school or family can join in the Recycle Week fun!

Young girl running away from us holding a windmill in a summery field of sunflowers. Part of the sustainability bulletin.

September 2023 Sustainability Bulletin

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Exeter Climate Exhibition: Exoplanets and Climate

a guide to life outside the solar system…

Bonster the monster eating food waste on his alien planet.

Bonster the Hungry Monster

A story to help better children’s awareness of food waste

Image of the word careers in a blue background. An arrow is jumping on the word blocks.

Careers #Green Skills for Youth

An insight into careers in waste management