Happy World Poetry Day! To celebrate this we have made an animated poem using tips from the Zone poetry page Writing Waste Poetry – Zone (recycledevon.org)

On the page is ‘Waste Poetry Writing Tips’. On there is a prompt. This was the prompt to used as inspiration for the poem:

‘You are a cat watching the dustmen and women collect the recycling
from everyone’s homes. What are the sights and sounds you
experience? What if you joined them on their journey through the
streets and lanes of Devon?’

Watch the animation to see to see the journey of the cat…

A poem: The Cat’s Morning Recycle Watch

Amidst morning’s hush, I perch with grace….

watching bin workers weave through their daily chase.

Bins clatter, wheels roll, a rhythmic dance. I watch recycling with my second glance….

As I roam those streets, in Devon’s embrace, I explore hidden lanes, with my beauty and grace.

Amongst the workers of the morning in a feline spree, I’m adored by thee…

so in symphony of recycling, I’d rather be.