Earth Heroes cover
Book Cover of Ada's Violin

It’s World Book Day today. As we love a good book here in the Waste Education Team we are sharing some of our favourite books about the environment for older children!

1. This Book is Not Rubbish: 50 Ways to Ditch Plastic, Reduce Rubbish and Save the World! by Isabel Thomas

Packed full of ideas that can help make a difference. By the end of this book your children will feel empowered to take action in lots of simple ways. Age 9+ years

2. Earth Heroes: Twenty Inspiring Stories of People Saving Our World by Lily Dyu

The biggest problems faving our planet can seem to big too tackle, but the inspiring stories contained within this book will help every child (and adult) feel they can make a difference too. Age 6-11

3. Kids Fight Plastic by Martin Dorey

A lovely empowering book for young activists. You’ll want to visit the beach to do a #2minutebeachclean by the end of the book. Good tips and easy-to-read, but with a good level of detail for older readers. Age 7-13

4. Hope Jones Saves the World by Josh Lacey

Hope is 10 and wants to save the world. This story book will help! Easy-to-read but full of good discussion points (like how to get your sister to swap to eco-friendly make-up). A great story for the young activist. (Age 9-11)

5. Ada’s Violin by Susan Hood and Sally Wern Comport

Amazing true story of the recycled orchestra of Paraguay. Suitable for all ages.

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