Download Literacy Lesson Plans

Here you can download lesson plans created exclusively for Devon teachers. There are so many great ways to link sustainability, waste and recycling topics with literacy. Take a look at our new Book List, a useful resource if you want to add to your school library, or find a book for your age group about waste and recycling.

Here Comes the Garbage Barge!

Teach your class about The Garbage Barge

Inspired by the story of the Garbage Barge in 1987 this lesson plan brings recent history to life, with the help of the book “Here Comes The Garbage Barge”.

CAUTION: this lesson may provoke discussion of waste issues!

In 1987 a barge loaded with rubbish made the trip of a lifetime, all the way from its point of origin on Long Island, New York, USA, down the coast to North Carolina, then southwards and onwards, via Louisiana to Mexico, Belize, Florida, returning eventually to Long Island after 9 months at sea. A book, named Here Comes the Garbage Barge, written in 2010 by Jonah Winter, conjures up the story, illustrated with fascinating pictures, and brought to life in a Youtube video. Follow the story with your class, and find out the differences between fact and fiction in another Youtube video. See both on our Youtube video channel here.

Download a Powerpoint for the lesson here and a lesson plan here.

Brilliant Rubbish Books

There are a huge selection of books available that can help teach children about waste, recycling and the environment. Here we list and review some of our favourites. These are all taken from our more comprehensive Book List. The books shown here would make lovely presents for children at Christmas, or could be used as part of a topic about waste, recycling, the 3Rs and resource management.