This activity will help KS3 and KS4 children to understand some of the properties of plastic as a material and the impacts on the environment. It links with the National Curriculum and is a fun and active way of teaching science.

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Screwed up plastic bottle

KS3/4 Plastic Assessment Quiz: Floating and sinking

Test Your Knowledge on plastics and buoyancy.

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Which of these materials is a polymer?

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Name three properties of polymers.

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What is density?

Image of liquids in beakers of various colours and solid objects

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How do you calculate density?

Green and blue atoms in a cube shape

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Which of these objects would not float in water (density of 1g/cm3)?

Image of plastic bottles

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True or False: Seawater is less dense than distilled water.

Drop of water

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What happens to pressure in a liquid as its depth increases?

Image underwater with light right coming throw from the surface

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Complete the sentence: Plastics are a problem when discarded at sea because....

Picture of lots of plastic litter along a beach

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What is produced when plastics break down in the environment?

Child's plastic bucket on beach full of plastic litter

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Which is the best option when buying a drink to takeaway from a coffee shop?

Copper teapot and tray

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