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The worksheets on this page will help young people understand the science of textiles. This activity has been designed for all ages to be able to complete at home, whether you are home educating, home schooling or just looking for a summer holiday activity.

We hope doing these activities will create better scientists and more critical thinkers. We know the wicked problems (complex and difficult issues like climate change and biodiversity loss) we are leaving the next generation will need some innovative thinking to solve them!

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Created on By Millie Green
Picture of plastic bag with some clothes folded inside

Science of Materials - Textiles

Test your knowledge on all things textiles.

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What are textiles?

Colourful patterns

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What properties can textiles have? (Select all correct answers)

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Can clothes be recycled?

Green clothing bank

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True or false, textiles can be made of plastic.

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What are most plastics made from?

Screwed up plastic bottle

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How long does a plastic bottle take to biodegrade?

Image of plastic bottles

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Which of these does not get made into fabric?

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What can you do to reduce clothes waste? (Select all correct answers)

Young people holding a pencil made from denim and a piece of denim material

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What can you do to reduce microfibres and microplastics?

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