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The worksheets on this page will help Key stage 1 pupils understand the science of textiles. We hope doing these activities will create better scientists and more critical thinkers. We know the wicked problems (complex and difficult issues like climate change and biodiversity loss) we are leaving the next generation will need some innovative thinking to solve them!

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Row of clothes on rail

Science of Materials - KS1 Textiles

An assessment quiz to accompany our KS1 lesson plan about textiles, where children conduct an experiment with different types of material to see which are better insulators.

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What properties can textiles have? (Select all correct answers)

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How old are the world's oldest trousers?

(Fact: They were made of linen and found in China.)

Image of brown old trousers on display

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Which piece of clothing would keep you warmest?

Shirts on hangers

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Which piece of clothing would keep you driest?

Navy blue fleece on a washing line

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Can clothes be recycled?

Green clothing bank

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