How to Recycle Paper Waste at Home

Paper is a valuable resource. It is recycled into new paper products like newspaper, printer paper and toilet paper.

Everywhere in Devon can recycle paper at the doorstep. This is what happens to it:

Paper is collected from homes and recycling banks, it is stored in huge piles before being taken to a ‘paper processing factory’.

Where can you recycle paper?

All councils in Devon collect paper for recycling. To find out more about what and where you can recycle in your area click here.

Wow fact: All of the newspaper in the UK is made from 100% recycled paper. It is one of our most recycled materials.

Find out about how to reduce and reuse paper.

How to Recycle Paper Waste at School

Does your classroom have a paper recycling bin?

The first step to recycling paper is to collect it. A classroom bin or box can help.

Most councils in Devon will collect paper for recycling from schools for free. Talk to your local District or Unitary authority to organise a collection.