Lots of people think careers in waste management are just about emptying bins🤣🤣, but they aren’t really. Waste Management is a diverse sector that includes law and human behaviour. It has a positive social impact. #InternationalYouthDay #GreenSkillsforYouth

Careers: My story

I am currently an intern with Devon County Council’s waste  management team. I was born in Exeter, went to school in Exeter and went to Exeter University where I studied politics and sociology. I graduated with a BA in 2020; finding a job during the pandemic was difficult. I parcel picked at Amazon, video marketed for a company in China and taught English for the British Council in Ceuta, Spain.

Careers: Waste Management Support Officer

I saw the position advertised and wondered if I was qualified. Of course I was! I have video marketing skills and  teaching experience; waste management is also about human behaviour; a chance to make a positive social impact around Devon.

So here I am encouraging a behavioural change towards waste.  I am currently producing an animation on the history of waste, giving presentations on sustainable fishing and visiting closed landfills. Many of Devon’s old landfill sites are like nature reserves rather than rubbish dumps and quite beautiful.
I am learning and upskilling everyday. I have realised how  fundamentally important waste management is to a functioning and healthy society.

So check out our careers advice page: Careers Advice – Zone (recycledevon.org)

The word career with a jumping arrow in a blue background. It is to emphasise how careers in waste are about progression

A picture of me at work with a thumbs up and a smile. To show how careers in waste management is enjoyable.