I visited the Exeter Science Centre Climate Exhibition at the MakeTank in Paris Street this week and I was really impressed! I enjoyed playing with the different exhibits, all designed to make us think about the cutting-edge science happening at Exeter University around exoplanets and climate change.

To start with I was slightly confused. I couldn’t see the connection between these seemingly unrelated topics. However, once the researchers explained that they use current climate models produced by climate scientists to predict what planets in other star systems might be like it all began to make sense. You can find out more about Exoplanets on this easy to access guide: Exoplanets.

Unbelievable facts also came to light like how many other planets exist in our galaxy! And how they can measure wind on these far-away planets!

What became even more obvious as I spent an hour wandering around the room listening to the scientists is that we only have this planet that we can live on, so must work really hard to make our way of life sustainable. There is no Planet B!

I was also left thinking – wouldn’t it be great if Exeter had a permanent Science Centre. This could be a permament display for education and exploration of sustainability and science topics. Maybe the Debenhams building could be converted into an Eco-Hub with a Science and Sustainability Centre as part of it!