Free online training for Devon school staff all about the Eco-Schools Programme.

On the 30th January between 4.30-5.30 pm Eco-Schools Coordinator Francis will be providing a brief overview of the Eco-Schools programme, including the Seven Step Framework and Ten Eco-Schools Topics. There will be practical advice and real-life examples throughout, all aimed at making environmental action manageable in schools and empowering young people to protect our planet!

Then hear from the Devon Waste Education team about how their free resources and workshops can help you complete one topic of the Eco-Schools programme by helping your school reduce, reuse and recycle!

This free one-hour webinar session for teachers, TAs and other school-based staff will leave you enthused and motivated to help students green up the school and learn more about the environment, while pursuing student-led projects that can help save the world (and even save schools money on energy bills).

Eco-Schools is the largest educational programme on the planet; this year in England alone the programme has reached more than one million young people. These young people have planted thousands of trees, created tens of thousands m2 of natural habitats, saved thousands of pounds on their school energy bills and organised hundreds of second-hand clothes sales… and this is only a very brief insight into their impacts!