Title: The Big Recycling Hunt Background: Blue with kitchen and bathroom products at the side of the title. Encouraging you to join the big recycling hunt.

Join the Big Recycling Hunt!

This week it’s Recycle Week 2023 and you are invited to join the Big Recycling Hunt!

You can help by looking out for items that could be recycled but are commonly missed. Check your local collections for what you can recycle – it’s probably more than you think!

Schools are being invited to sign up for The Action Pack to get more details about how your school can take part.

Step 1: Learn about how these items should be recycled in your area.

Step 2: Create a poster, leaflet or performance to share with your school community.

Step 3: Share your work with Recycle Now for a chance to win!

Families can take part too with a fabulous photo competition! Take a photo of a piece of “lost recycling” in the wild and send off to be in with a chance to win!

  1. Take a photo showing one of the ‘lost recyclables’ in the wrong place with a caption saying where it would rather be.

  2. Send your photo to The Big Recycling Hunt – they will share their favourites on their social channels to educate others!

  3. Each month, all photos will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 book token voucher.

Here’s one we took earlier…

A transparent plastic pot with a piece of cardboard and papaer. The yellow paper saying 'please recycle me'. It is an example submission to the Big Recycling Hunt.