This week’s summer holiday activity is a fun word guessing game that will get the whole family thinking!

Download the printable worksheet here: Guess the Word

Or, simply make a note of the following words and write them down on scrap paper or sticky notes;

  • Put the words face down into a pile. Pick a card from the top of the pile and hold it above your head or in front of you – no peeking!
  • Ask questions to the rest of the players to help you figure out what material is on your card.
  • Some good questions to ask are: Is it recyclable? Does it hold food or drinks? Can it be plugged in or turned on? Can it be placed in your recycling container or does it have to be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre? Is it made from metal? Is it waterproof? Is it made from a flexible material?  Is it transparent?
  • Use one point per correct answer to find a winner!

Not sure on some of the answers? Have a look at our pages The 3R’s: Recycling and Your recycling collections for some hints for this year’s summer holiday activity!