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Bright colourful rolled up textiles

The worksheets on this page will help young people understand the science of textiles. This activity has been designed for all ages to be able to complete at home, whether you are home educating, home schooling or just looking for a summer holiday activity.

We hope doing these activities will create better scientists and more critical thinkers. We know the wicked problems (complex and difficult issues like climate change and biodiversity loss) we are leaving the next generation will need some innovative thinking to solve them!

Downloadable Worksheets

Plastic Worksheets: Home Activity

Downloadable Worksheets

Metals Worksheets Home Schooling

Downloadable Worksheets

Aluminium Can balancing on its side

Learn a magic trick!

Bored kids? Looking for an activity to try at home this month? Whether you’re home educating your children or just looking for something to do at home with them over the Christmas Holidays why not have a go at our Metal Matters Home Education Activity.

Students will learn a cool magic trick by balancing a can on its side and do some science while they’re at it!

All our Science of Materials Worksheets show children of all ages how magical our materials are and why we should Reduce, Reuse and Recycle them as much as we can. Our precious resources need to become part of a Circular Economy and be used again and again, rather than constantly making new stuff.

(pdf) Download Home Education Worksheet: Can Balancing

(Word) Download Home Education Worksheet: Can Balancing

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You can see more of our new Science of Materials: Metals worksheets on our Metals Worksheets pages. A new material will be added every half-term, so watch out for the next ones too!

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New Litter Wordsearch!

Download our new Litter Wordsearch for a 5 minute activity or as an introduction to the Great British September Litter Pick.

An egg is surrounded by empty cardboard packaging, a yogurt pot, a fruit punnet, shredded paper, scissors and string.

Summer holiday activity: Egg drop challenge!

Take on the #EggDropChallenge! Use recyclable and reused items from around the house to protect an egg from a fall!

Two simple metal dustbins on a patio.

Summer holiday activity: What was it like?

What was rubbish collection like in the old days? Start a conversation with an older friend or relative and find out!

An illustration of a chair and a glass bottle, along with the words Guess the Word. The background consists of question marks.

Summer Holiday Activities: Guess the Word

This guess the word game focused on materials will get the whole family involved!