Starter Activities and 5 minute fillers

Use our lesson starters at the start of each school day as children enter the classroom to register, or as an intro to a waste or sustainability topic lesson, or just as a five minute filler when you have a few moments. Download our PowerPoint and instructions for the full package.


Waste starters.pptx

Starter activities & 5 minute fillers.pdf

Close up of whiteboard with coloured whiteboard pens and board rubber

Snakes and Ladders

The well-known traditional Snakes and Ladders game with an ‘eco’ twist! Download the board and use it with cards on either a 3Rs or compost theme. Use the game as a 5 minute filler with a class, during wet play, with an after-school or breakfast club, or with your Eco Team.

Snakes and Ladders game board

3Rs Snakes and Ladders – Teachers instructions

3Rs Ladders cards

3Rs Snakes cards

Composting Snakes and Ladders – Teachers instructions

Composting Snakes cards

Composting Ladders cards