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Welcome to the Teachers' area of the Zone website

Here you will find a wide range of resources to help you embed the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) into both the taught curriculum and everyday school routines.

Learning about 'rubbish' is the perfect way to introduce young pupils to environmental sutainability. Having learnt about the issues, every child can take action immediately, both at school and at home. Reducing waste provides a range of opportunities for whole-school campaigns, with easily acheived and measurable results. While reducing your school's waste, your pupils will also be preserving biodiversity, conserving valuable natural resources, and saving energy, vital in tackling climate change. You may also save your school money!


If you need any help or advice, or would like to suggest other resources we could include on this site, please contact us.


Schools Sustainability Bulletin

Devon’s half termly e-bulletin features sustainability updates for staff in local schools. Read past issues and sign up to receive it directly to your Inbox.

Visits and workshops

Details of the Devon Waste Education Programme, which provides waste audits, workshops, site visits and staff training to schools across the county.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - teaching resources

Resources designed to support the curriculum and inspire Eco Teams.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - practical information

Ways to reduce school waste by integrating the 3Rs into all aspects of school life.

Training and Events

Details of events for teachers and other school staff organised by the Devon Waste Education Programme and other local organisations.


Sources of funding for teachers to access for environmental / sustainability projects within a school.

Your local Devon waste 'Facts & Figures'

Data from the Devon districts showing how recycling rates have changed over time and what materials local residents are recycling.

External resources, schemes, websites and books

Links to other websites with useful resources for teachers.

Resources for Devon teachers

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