‘Material World’ uses Geography and Science to encourage upper KS2 pupils to explore the resources we find on our planet, how we use them and what we can do to conserve them and live in a more sustainable manner.

The pack integrates:

  • exploration of materials
  • geographical investigations and case studies
  • deliberation of our ‘wants’ and ‘needs’
  • exploration of the ethics of consumerism
  • ideas for practical action

This pack consists of six lessons which are designed to run consecutively over a half term, or during a focussed topic week, culminating in a day of pupils taking action in their school or community.

Geography and Science 6 lesson teaching pack (Year 5/6)

Pupils are encouraged to explore the Earth’s resources, how we use them, and what actions we can take to live in a more sustainable manner.

It focuses on textiles and plastics and the impacts these have on our environment.

Material World Teaching Pack

Plastics PowerPoint

Plastics PowerPoint (pdf)

Material World PowerPoint

Material World PowerPoint (pdf)

Textiles PowerPoint

Textiles PowerPoint (pdf)

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‘Wants and Needs’ activity

Material World introduction sessionThere is a big difference between the things we ‘want’ and what we actually ‘need’ in order to survive. This 1.5 hour long activity explores everyday materials, the resources they are made from and the impact of how they are made.

It can be used as part of Geography, Science and Citizenship and is part of the Material World teaching pack.

Wants and Needs activity – introduction to the Material World teaching pack