This activity will help KS2 children to understand some of the properties of plastic as a material and the impacts on the environment. It links with the National Curriculum and is a fun and active way of teaching science.

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Plastic sandwich wrapper and plastic bottle lying discarded in grass

Assessment Quiz: KS2 Plastic Worksheet

Have you just completed our KS2 science activity worksheet about plastic? This is a quick quiz to test your knowledge!

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Are plastics a problem to wildlife when they end up in the sea?

Picture of turtle about to eat a plastic bag

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Which of these sea creatures is a predator?

Image of 4 jellyfish in dark water

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Which of these sea creatures is a primary consumer?

Image of a white tailed eagle attempting to catch a fish swimming in the water

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What is the item found most regularly on beach cleans?

Picture of lots of plastic litter along a beach

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Are plastics a renewable or non-renewable resource?

Image of energy sources

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Name some properties of plastic...

Screwed up plastic bottle

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Where should your hard plastic packaging go?

Two simple metal dustbins on a patio.

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Choose the reasons why we should recycle.

Satellite image of the earth

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How can you reduce the plastic you use at home? (Select all that apply)

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