Teacher training at the EfW. A group of teachers and other school staff gathered at Exeter EfW on the 26th April to be inspired and take home ideas for how to make their schools greener and more sustainable.

Inspirational teacher Jemima Moore shared her school’s journey towards sustainability, with plenty of time for questions.

The Devon Waste Education Team talked about how they can help school become more sustainable through their free workshops, website resources and composting advice and help.

Participants were treated to a VIP tour of the EfW plant, and were able to watch some of the process of turning black bin bag waste into electricity for homes. Teachers were able to experience a taste of the free school trips hosted by the team, playing on the grabber games and taking part in a Kahoot Quiz developed exclusively by the Waste Education team.

Lunch was provided by the exceptional skills of the ReRooted community group, who run a surplus food cafe in Tiverton every month.

In the afternoon participants were joined by Emily and Sarah from Devon Wildlife Trust, who shared how they can help schools make the most of their outdoor areas. Teachers were then led outside to learn about compost through an activity from the Compost Curriculum, and Devon Wildlife Trust showed some simple activities that can help children become more connected to the nature in their school grounds.

Everyone left the day feeling energised and ready to tackle the big issues around sustainability in schools, and still full from their delicious lunch!